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Versus kicks off it’s cycling season

The Versus televison network will kick off it’s professional cycling season with the Tour of California.  The network as annouced that it will show daily coverage of the Tour of California and the Tour de France, but will only show Sunday summaries of the Giro and the Vuelta.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 15, 2008

Rock Racing riders denied

Rock Racing will start the Tour of California with only five riders after Tyler Hamilton, Oscar Sevilla, and Santiago Botero were dropped from the race roster.  All three riders have come under doping suspicion, although no known active investigation into the three riders is currently ongoing.  Tour of California rules, however, require teams to guarantee that none of their riders are under an active doping investigation, something Rock Racing cannot do with these three cyclists.

This news came despite an earlier news conference in which Rock Racing owner Michael Ball said his cycling team would either compete as a team or not at all.  Evidently he has now backed down from that stance.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 13, 2008

Contador wants to be in the Tour

Alberto Contador, the defending Tour de France champion, reacted angrily to news that he will not be allowed to defend his title because his new team, Astana, was not invited to the tour.  In addition to the tour, Contador and his Astana team will not be allowed to race Paris-Nice, another ASO ride that Contador won in 2007.

Astana has now been excluded from both the Giro D’italia and the Tour de France, both citing past doping problems within the team.  Astana, however, has purged much of the old team, and put in place strick new testing programs to ensure that the cyclists remain clean.  None of their moves have been enough for the two grand tours, who seem to be arbitrarily deciding who can and cannot ride in their race.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 12, 2008

Vuelta will allow Astana to ride

The Vuelta a Espana has said that it will invite Astana to ride in it’s grand tour.  This came on the heels of news that the Tour de France would not invite Astana to ride inthe 2008 tour, despite the fact that Astana is one of the strongest teams in the world.  The Giro D’italia has already said that it would not invite Astana to ride in its race. 

This decision underscores just how uncertain professional cycling is right now for the racers, teams, and sponsors. 

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 8, 2008

Contador has no plan B

Alberto Contador, the surprise winner of the 2007 Tour de France, has to face the possibility that he may not be invited to the 2008 Tour de France.  This possibility became a reality when the Giro d’Italia omitted team Astana from it’s roster of invited teams.  Astana was hit with multiple doping offenses last year, the biggest coming in the Tour de France.  Contador himself remains under suspicion after being linked with Operación Puerto.  Contador plans on continuing with his training plans, and refuses to consider that he might not be invited.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 5, 2008

ASO Rumored to be acquiring Vuelta

Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO), the owners of the Tour de France, are planning on aquiring the Vuelta a Espana according to reports from Spanish newspapers. 

The Vuelta, which occurs every September, is the smallest of the three grand tours, and has been struggled the last three years as doping scandals have hit the Vuelta.  Professional cycling is fighting for it’s credibility, and many other races are also struggling.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | February 4, 2008

UCI Looking to Ban Rasmussen

If the UCI gets it’s way, then cyclist Michael Rasmussen would be suspended for two years after lying about his whereabouts prior to the 2007 Tour de France.  He stated that he was following his training plans in Mexico and therefore unavailable for testing, but in fact was in Italy.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | January 30, 2008

Cycle with a Purpose

Its been proven that people who have a purpose for every workout improve more than those who just work out. When you show up at the gym without a plan you just don’t work as hard. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ve done enough.  The same is true for cycling.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | January 29, 2008

Five Paceline Mistakes

Riding in a paceline is an act of shared trust.  With multiple cylists all riding inches from each other, one mistake can take the entire group down.  Here are five mistakes you never want to make in a paceline.

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Posted by: Sweat 365 | January 28, 2008

Chris Carmichael coming to Seattle’s Bike Expo

The 2008 Group Health Seattle International Bike Expo, on March 8th and 9th will be headlined by Chris Carmichael.  Chris is Lance Armstrong’s personal coach, and the CEO and founder of Carmichael Training Systems.  Carmichael, a former cyclist,  was also a part of the first American team (7-Eleven) to ride in the Tour de France in 1986.

The bike expo website is here.

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